The Reality of Healthcare in Mexico

One of the biggest concerns for you and your family upon deciding to move to another country is its system of healthcare.

If you plan on moving to Mexico, the healthcare system in the country is excellent and amongst the best in the region.


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Mexico was originally known as the United Mexican States. It shares a border with the United States and is composed of thirty-one republican federation states with its capital as Mexico City. Since the capital city is steadily on the increase with tourism as one of the most favored tourist destinations in the world. The country lies on a coastal area and has the best beach locales in the world, making it a true tourist hub in this part of the world.


One aspect that the country is also noted for is the system of healthcare in Mexico. The country’s system is a combination of both public and private programs. While the country spends nearly 7% of its Gross Domestic Product on health care, health insurance is available only to about 40% of the population.


As for those who are moving to the country, healthcare in Mexico is excellent. The medical practitioners in the country have been trained in the United States. For mid-sized and large cities in Mexico, there is often a large hospital in the vicinity. The costs though are lower compared to the United States but nearly the same quality. This goes the same for medicines in Mexico, as they are fifty percent lower compared to the United States.


Another aspect of healthcare in Mexico is the comfort it provides not just for the patients but for families and visitors as well. These facilities have first-class restaurants and other amenities. These have become come-ons for many North Americans for simple procedures such as dental work and other minor surgeries. Medications are also cheaper compared to the ones in Canada and the United States. Aside from well-trained doctors and medical practitioners, these specialists also make house calls.


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There are some risks though with the system of healthcare in Mexico. Pesticide use has become one of the major health concerns in the country. Another significant factor is the cultural aspect of analyzing health concerns in the population. The AIDS epidemic is also a major concern in the country and is one of the major causes of mortality in the country.

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